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You will love each of our Natura bundles!

  • Online courses on current topics: bio-hacking, nutrition, sexuality, body and skincare, sleep, mindfulness, art therapy…
  • Complementary disciplines: herbalism, naturopathy, aromatherapy
  • Experienced instructors from Canada and Europe
  • 1 year to take all the courses (some are even offered for life!)
  • Certificates of course completion
  • Available for sale every October
  • An extremely affordable price, a WOW value!


👉 A simple and playful way to discover the keys to balanced health.

Who is the Natura Experience for?

The beginner or ‘the young shoot’

you are starting to explore various disciplines and want access to the best trainers to strengthen the foundations of your learning.

The intermediate or ‘the bud’

the basics are acquired, and you want to improve and expand your knowledge

The expert or ‘the mature plant’

you are well-versed in overall natural health, but some disciplines are missing, and you want to learn new techniques, see things from a new perspective

The natural health professional

you value continuous learning, and for you, it is essential to benefit from teachings provided by qualified trainers.

So there are courses for everyone!

You will be equipped to face life’s uncertainties

Why should you get the Natura Experience?

Quality content

The courses are comprehensive, authentic, precise, and filled with information and valuable insights. You won’t have to search all over the internet for answers; everything is in the course package!

Complementary training

The courses cover four major areas: Nutrition, Body/Skin Care, Women’s Universe, Personal and Spiritual Development. We have selected various disciplines to cover a wide range of interests. The learning is both theoretical and practical, allowing you to apply your knowledge quickly.

100% online and available 24/7

Upon your purchase, you will receive all the links and access codes to start taking the courses. You can follow them whenever you want, at your own pace, take breaks and resume, and even replay them multiple times

One year and more to take the courses

You will have one year from your purchase to take the courses

Testimonials from past buyers’

How does it work ?

1- After purchase

You securely enter your credit card information. Then, you will receive an email with all the links and access codes to the courses.

2- Personal account set up

On each trainer's platform, you will need to create a personal account to take their course. This is to protect your information and also the copyright associated with each course.

3- Courses progress

You have one year to complete the courses. You go at your own pace, whenever your schedule allows.

4- Application in your everyday life

Fully benefit from your learnings by applying them day after day.

Included training courses

Training #1

Sugar-free diet

  • Learn how to make your own mushroom products (tinctures, syrups, powders, etc.)
  • Good practices for appropriate and safe use and contraindications

Your trainer

Capucine Chartrand, accredited herbalist-therapist and yoga teacher

Quelques mots sur l'entreprise

Thanks to a compassionate and caring approach, Capucine accompanies you on a path to sustainable health to enjoy every moment of our precious life.


  • 1h30 of training
  • PDF and videos

You have questions ?

We have the answers!

Is it really reasonable ($) to get the bundle?

You should reframe the question: How much am I willing to invest in improving my health, gaining quality knowledge that will serve me in my everyday life, and in a sustainable way? By becoming more self-reliant in managing your health, you will save money on trial and error of products or solutions that may not work. And, you will be much more in a prevention mode, which will save you money in the long run!

The bundle also allows you to get courses for a fraction of their regular price. You may not have been able to afford all these courses at their regular price.

Why do you offer such a significant overall discount?

We are aware that every dollar and euro counts, even more so nowadays. Many of you are seeking quality training on natural health, and we want to meet this need by offering a very affordable price for the Natura Experience. The trainers have agreed to include their courses in this package: they know that buyers will get to know them, and perhaps continue to consume their other courses or book private consultations with them! Unity is strength, and everyone wins!

Will I have enough time to take all the courses?

All the courses are available for one year. Some courses are very short, while others are longer. The courses are organized into modules or sections, making it easier for you. You can decide to start by listening to one section and move on to the next a few days or weeks later. You shape your schedule as you see fi

Are there courses created specifically for the Natura Experience bundle?

YES!! And we are very proud of it. The trainers recognize the value of the concept so much that they have decided to create courses from A to Z to be part of the Natura Experience. A special badge is placed next to the corresponding courses.

How do I access the courses?

After purchasing the bundle, you will receive an email with a link and a confidential access code for each course. You will need to create a personal account for each course to protect your data. We must respect copyright and the content of their courses. Therefore, we cannot host all the courses from the package on a single platform, as the content belongs independently to each trainer. You will be free to take the courses at your own pace, whenever you desire, and to interrupt a course and return to it later

Do I have to take all the courses?

Not at all, you can only take the ones you like the most. But between you and me, why not take them all? You would be surprised: in each of them, there are hidden gems of learning that could benefit you. However, no discount could be granted if you decide not to take all the courses

Do I have to follow the training at a fixed time, on certain days of the year?

Not at all. The courses are pre-recorded, so you can listen to them or revisit them whenever you like.

Will I be alone in front of my computer during the courses ?

Yes and no! Most courses offer videos where you see the trainers in front of you. You can also write to them to ask questions about their course. Many courses include a private Facebook group where you will join the private community of other learners. Finally, we encourage you to join the Natura Experience Facebook page HERE (, where you can also interact with members.

Is the bundle refundable?

No, the bundle is non-refundable, and this applies from the moment of purchase, regardless of the progress made in the courses. Indeed, due to the digital nature of the courses and the immediate access to the content upon purchase, the package is non-refundable.

* What does “lifetime access” mean?

All the trainers in the package must give you access to their course for one year. Additionally, some trainers have decided to offer lifetime access to their course! The term ‘lifetime’ obviously means ‘as long as the trainer’s business exists and is in operation.